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Jairus Tonel

Amanita Bulbosa Beer Coasters

Amanita Bulbosa Beer Coasters

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The cap of Amanita bulbosa var. citrina is 40 - 100 mm wide, whitish yellow to citron yellow, with pigment most saturated in the center, sometimes touched with rusty brown here and there, hemispheric then convex, plano-convex, finally planar, usually lacking an umbo, smooth, shiny and slightly viscid at first, drying quickly, with a nonstriate and nonappendiculate margin. The volva is absent or present as citron or pallid at first, pale brown to brownish to brownish white friable cluster of warts to one submembranous patch to fibrillose, concentrically arranged scales, easily removable. The flesh is white, tinted citron just below the cap skin, 5 mm thick over the stem, and thinning evenly to the margin.

3.5 Inch Square

Wood, Paper, Resin



The beer coaster is coated in resin and then double coated in a varnish to prevent objects placed on top of the coaster to stick.

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